STARPROOF 5000 (Acrylic)

STARPROOF 5000 is a premium quality, single-component, flexible, acrylic based waterproofing and protective coating ideal for roof and wet area applications. The coating is designed to provide a tough barrier against weathering agents and UV. It also functions as an anti-carbonation coating. The coating upon full cure forms a tough, resilient yet flexible coating.

STARPROOF 5000 (Acrylic)

Resin-based elastomeric waterproof coating with excellent UV stability and anti-fungal properties

• Suitable for most of the surfaces
• Excellent coverage
• Easy application
• Application on concrete, wood, and metal surface

Recommended Applications:

  • Exposed concrete roofs both flat and sloped
  • Terraces, balconies, domes and patios
  • Metal profile roofs and asbestos roofs
  • Corrugated metal sheets and plastered surfaces
  • Polyurethane foam insulation
  • Tunnels, underpasses & concrete bridge decks

Shelf Life & Storage:

  • 12 Months, store on pallets in a cool and shaded area.


  • 20 Kg Pail.

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